Metro International


Metro International Ltd. was founded by Ing. Carlo Sassi in 1991y , and its activity is the design, manufacture and marketing of machines and plants for the food industry , vegetable processing industries (fruit, tomatoes, citrus ) , with applications in the chemical and environmentally friendly industries as well. The production of Metro International Ltd. can be summarized as follows :

– Complete plants for the production of natural fruit puree or concentrate ( semi-finished product for the industry ) – Complete plants for the production of fruit juices and nectars (finished products for consumption ) – Complete systems for processing tomato concentrate to obtain semi-finished products for industry and finished products for consumption. – Lines for jams and fruit preserves productions. – Plants for sauces and dressings – Aseptic systems – Washing machines for fruit and vegetables – Heat exchangers for various uses (sterile and non-sterile ) – Juice extractors and puree – Evaporators ( concentration units ) of different types :

• Forced circulation • falling film • thin-layer turbulent • in mixed flows (FF + FC + Turbulent)

It is part of a series of patents the company’s assets that help to characterize the originality of the production of Metro International Srl; most of the patents were extended abroad, particularly in the United States of America.

– Juice extractor and mashed a two-stage vertical “Twin – Jet” (Extended U.S. ) – Drainage system of aseptic liquid products biphasic – Steam separator truncated conical evaporator (Extended U.S. ) – Rotor bore vapor turbulent thin film evaporator for ” Vapour Jet” – Forced circulation evaporator with heat exchanger concentric tubes

The production of Metro International Ltd. has managed over the years to create their own market area on the territory of National, European and International. Starting in 2012y, METRO INTERNATIONAL is part of the Group Navatta.

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