There are different ways to produce sauces, meat sauces and browned mixtures of onions, carrots and celery, always depending on the required production and the type of the end product.
Cooking can be done basically under vacuum or in atmospheric pressure.
Vacuum cooking results in superior quality products seeing as the actual cooking and concentration (reduction) of the product can be done at temperatures below 100°C and is quicker.
The diagram is representative of a medium-high production plant.
The process begins with the storage of the liquid raw materials in tanks, the diced and concentrated products are transferred from drums into storage tanks.
The solid part is fed with screw conveyors or tubs.
All products are fed into a mixing and pre-heating tank or go directly into the cooker.
Either load cells or counters are used for dosing the products.
The entire process is done inside the cooker, adding flavours, if required, in either a water solution or in powder form.
From the cooker the product goes to a storage unit where it is kept up to temperature and mixed.
This is followed by pasteurisation, if needed, and then on to filling.
After filling, the product can be pasteurised in the tunnel or sterilized in the sterilizing retort.

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